Push Up Umbrella With Different Characteristics

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  Outdoor umbrella styles Outdoor patio umbrellas can be divided into three different styles: market, cantilever, and feature. To buy or Custom Outdoor Furniture the most suitable umbrella for your outdoor space, you should consider which style can meet your needs.

  Market Umbrella: Also known as the center pole umbrella, this Push Up Umbrella is the most common umbrella type, often seen in scenic cafes, backyards, and sidewalks by swimming pools. Traditionally, this popular version comes from Europe and is defined by its round or octagonal canopy shape. Usually used with wooden or aluminum center poles, this umbrella can keep your guests cool and comfortable while dining or entertaining outdoors. If you want to buy an affordable and versatile patio umbrella, then the market umbrella is a good choice.

  Cantilever/eccentric umbrella: These multifunctional outdoor Push Up Umbrella are characterized by arched or hinged poles that are tilted to the side. The canopy is supported from the side and above, and can be freely hung on a larger dining table or a deep seating area. Cantilever umbrellas will not obscure the sight of guests like center poles or market umbrellas. Many cantilever umbrellas can be tilted left and right, or forward and backward (or both), and most versions can rotate 360 degrees. Although they are usually more expensive, partly because of their larger size, cantilever and eccentric umbrellas can elevate any outdoor space and become a unique focus of enjoyment. The cantilever umbrella is made of aluminum, bamboo, eucalyptus/teak, or a mixture of metal and wood.

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