What are the characteristics of hospital bed elevators?

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Hospital elevators are special equipment, and their own characteristics must meet the basic requirements of safety, reliability, comfort, automation, and functionality. At the same time, hospital elevators are more specific. For example, the design and manufacture of hospital bed elevators must ensure the transportation of hospital beds, operating beds, etc., so its car size is much larger than that of ordinary passenger elevators with the same load capacity. The safety factor is, technology and use have special requirements, so its management requirements are higher.

In this regard, the hospital has formulated safe use and management systems, including operating standard procedures, operation and use systems, preventive measures for failures and accidents, emergency plans, sound management files, evaluation of the working status of elevators and escalators, and formulating annual Maintenance plan to ensure the normal use of the elevator.

Effective measures:

1. Separate passenger and cargo

Independently set up a cargo-priority elevator, which can be used by people when there is no cargo. This can prevent other elevators from taking the cargo and making them unavailable, and can also relieve the pressure of the passenger elevator when the cargo is idle.

3. Layered docking

Analyze the flow of people on different floors, and set up each elevator to stop in layers according to the demand, which not only increases the speed of the elevator, satisfies the floors with a large flow of people, but also prevents the waiting staff from stopping all the elevators while waiting, resulting in reduced efficiency.

4. Implement dedicated management

The hospital adds qualified elevator management, full-time operators, and maintenance personnel. The management personnel needs to have corresponding professional certificates and master relevant national laws, regulations, and standards. In view of the particularity of hospital elevators, safe use and management system are formulated and implemented.

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