What is the Meaning of Life

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People consider life as a pleasing system even though it is not a logical system. These are more of a mystery than logic is a puzzle. The path of mathematics is straightforward. But the puzzle is not straightforward. And if it is straightforward, then there is no puzzle. Now the logic of reason is that they remain hidden in the seed. Logic never brings anything new. The mystery always crosses itself. All people are discussing this secret of life in these sutras of the Life Shayari.

Let us understand this in two ways: One - let us imagine that a person walks in a straight line. So he will never return to his place, will never return to the place from where the journey starts, if the line is straight for his journey, but if he is circular then he will return from where he has gone. If we are making the journey straight then we will never be able to come to the place from which we have gone, but if the path of the journey is circular, then we will return back from where we have gone.

Therefore, in the West where consciousness has deeply affected human beings, life is not seen in the shape of a circle, and in the east, where there has been an attempt to understand the mystery of life, whether it is Krishna or Buddha, we have seen life in a circle. Have seen The meaning of circle is that we will reach back from where we have gone. That is why we have called the world a circle. The Wheel is the meaning of the world. Nothing here is straightforward. Be it the weather or man's life.

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The goal is to jump over obstacles and reach the end.

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