Different Types Of Guitar Picks

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Guitar picks are instruments that have strings attached to them. The strings are tuned by plucking with a photo guitar pick, a hard instrument that has a series of small metal tips on the end of it. Picks come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of various materials. The most commonly used are plastic, wood, bone, and metal.

Guitar picks are usually made of one solid material-cortex, leather, some type of synthetic rubber, plastic, or wood. They are also commonly shaped in an isosceles triangular shape with the two equal sides rounded and the other side less rounded. Many people prefer to use a nylon pick rather than a steel string guitar picks because of its elasticity. It also seems to provide a better tone. However, nylon picks are not appropriate for bass guitar because they are too light and usually come undone after a few uses.


There are a lot more types of plectrums that can be used for different custom guitar picks. These plectrums include: citation needed, flattened grasshopper, flying fish, hankie, heel, palm, plastic tweezers, medium sized sticks, feather pick, and wing picks. The citation needed plectrum is made by the Kwick Paper Plectrum Company and named after the citation needed at the kwick paper factory. The flattened grasshopper is best used in cleaning bass and acoustic guitars. The flying fish plectrum is best used in lead guitar playing. 

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