Analysis Sperm Color And Its Motility

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The standard look of sperm color is uniform milky white, showing semi-substance water. If the semen is located being crystal clear and translucent, it indicates azoospermia or oligospermia. If the looks of semen is identified to be 100 % pure white-colored, it can be due to great sperm attention or white blood cellular material in the semen.


In the course of climax, if it is found out that the semen is yellow-colored and scents purulent smell, implying possible infection of sperm. That semen is red or reddish light brown indicates the reputation of reddish blood tissue, identified as hematospermia, and is commonly noticed in seminal vesiculitis. Men who have not ejaculated for a long time emit the yellow semen although it is dim yellow in seniors.

If the seminal water is accompanied by blood, showing up brownish reddish, which is a lot more identified in seminal vesiculitis, seminal vesicle tumor, prostatitis and the like. In these cases, it can be treated with the natural treatments Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is in a position to eliminate inflammation, reduce discomfort and boost the urinary system wellness in males.

Particularly, semen motility can be scored on a number of degrees: A, B, and C.

Degree A: Sperm features excellent motility and can transfer in a direct collection.

Degree B: It signifies the semen motility is common, which can only move forward deviously.

Stage C: It represents a poor semen motility along with the semen can only go around in communities.

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If the semen has issues in crossing a woman's cervix and uterine cavity, and is struggling to get to the fallopian tube and become a member of with the ovum, the pregnancy level will be decreased. In simple terms, if the semen motility is very low, the pregnancy is unlikely to occur.

Consequently, if the male can not make his wife expecting a baby without birth control after matrimony, which endures over a year, he should examine the semen quality and determine the cause.

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