Application And Use of An Oil Lubricated Compressor

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Oil lubricated compressor require oil to ensure the smooth operation of the production process. The compressor is reliable and efficient. It can be installed beside various pneumatic tools and accessories to maximize profits and create equipment suitable for your operation. There are many types of lubricating compressors, including screw type, screw type, liquid ring type, scroll type and vane type.

Afterward, various downstream equipment can be used to remove oil from the compressed air, such as oil filters and dryers. This can remove any pollution, and the air can even be purified to 0.01 microns. This is great for various industrial applications, such as manufacturing, construction engineering, waste management, quarrying, recycling, and many other uses.

Oil-lubricated compressors are often used to supply large amounts of compressed air to large industrial applications. With advanced technology, the compressor can run continuously and provide a large amount of high-quality air output, which is very suitable for demanding applications.

Typical application types of oil-lubricated compressors:

· Food, beverage and brewing

· Product handling, food filling machine, hydraulic pump and air knife.

· military

· Operate pneumatic targets, operate simulators, clean tank guns

· Aerospace and automotive

· Tire inflation, product surface treatment, pneumatic robots, plasma cutting and welding, and paint shop applications.

· industry

· Pneumatic tools, shot peening, cleaning, lifting equipment and cooling and heating.

· electronics industry

· PCB board cleaning and pick and place equipment.

· manufacturing

· Construction, spraying equipment, cranes, and machine tools

· Petrochemical

· Process air, control valves and cylinders, material handling and nitrogen production.

· Medical and pharmaceutical

· Air knife, vacuum packaging, hydraulic pump and process air.

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