Classification and characteristics of blood collection needle mould

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Shengjiu Mould introduces several common types of blood collection needle mould.

1. Split blood collection needle mould

Split blood collection needle mould is a disposable blood collection needle mould commonly used clinically. It basically replaces the syringe blood collection method used in the last century, and is often used in conjunction with disposable blood collection tubes.

Its structure is to connect a blood collection needle to the needle seat at the end of the tube of the intravenous infusion needle. When in use, the blood collection needle needs to be rotated and fixed on the front end of the needle holder outer cylinder, and the vein puncture is carried out by holding the vein puncture. After successful, insert the vacuum blood collection tube into the back cavity of the needle holder so that the blood collection needle blade passes through The blood stopper is inserted into the rubber stopper of the vacuum tube, and the blood is sucked into the blood collection tube under the action of negative pressure. If necessary, repeat this procedure to achieve multi-tube blood collection; after blood collection, pull out the venipuncture needle to stop bleeding locally, remove the blood collection needle mould from the needle holder, and discard the venipuncture needle in the waste box.

2. Pen type blood collection needle mould

Pen-type blood collection needle mould is not used much in clinical practice. Its structure is a penetrating needle tube with sharp cutting edges at both ends. The middle and lower section of the needle tube is fixed on the needle seat. The front end is called a venipuncture needle, and the back end is called a blood collection needle. The blood collection needle has a blood blocking sleeve and a needle tube on the surface. There is a protective sleeve at the end. In clinical practice, blood collection is usually used in conjunction with needle holders and disposable blood collection tubes.

3. Arterial blood collection needle mould

Arterial blood sampling is of great significance for judging and treating hypoxemia. Arterial blood sampling is the basis for accurately judging hypoxemia.

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