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No raising a child you didn’t want

By onsdwe452 at 2020-12-12 • 0 collector • 247 pageviews

It should always be something that you want. Having a human life brought into this world is not something to be taken lightly or done behind someone’s back without their consent. Not to mention child support for a child you didn’t even know of.

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Referring to family law, child support is regarded as the periodic payment made by a parent towards the benefit of their child, guardian or caregiver following a divorce or end of a relationship. The obligor pays the particular oblige either directly or indirectly to financially support a child or multiple children from the already terminated relationship. The payment can either be made to the guardian, caregiver, or the state. This will be done, in some cases even if the father didn’t consent or want the child. (e.g. sperm theft)

Considering that sex dolls are not human, only a sexy representation of, and cannot be pregnant, having sex with these beautiful goddess regardless of the intensity and frequency, there is completely no possibility of bearing an offspring. With research showing that in 2015, non-custodial parents forked out more than $33 billion to child support; one can’t help but appreciate the upcoming future of sex robots. Comparing the cost of child support especially when its more than one child, sex dolls are outstandingly affordable and amazing to have. Not to mention, you can now watch whatever TV show you want, with a beer in hand a good pair of tits in the other. Life is short, have to enjoy those few good moments that you can.

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