Semen Plantaginis, A Good Ingredient With Many Effects For Males

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Semen plantaginis, which is also known as plantain seed, belongs to commonly used Chinese medicinal materials, usually found in the hillside. In the countryside, many people used to see it as useless ruts, since its growth shape is flat. People can often encounter this plant, while they actually know little about is, let alone its potential effects and abilities.

Semen plantaginis features its own medicinal value as a Chinese herbal medicine. Therefore, semen plantaginis can achieve certain diuretic effect, to increase the water excretion of human and some animals, and increase the excretion of urea, uric acid and sodium chloride. It is needed to add that the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill also includes the semen plantaginis, which can be used to solve urogenital problems. For example, chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis and so forth.

Additionally, the gastric administration of plantain decoction can hugely increase the excretion amount of tracheal secretions, which has certain expectorant effect on human body. What’s more, ceptidine has the effect on inhibiting the respiratory center, deepening and slowing respiration, and has the effect on dealing with cough to some extent.

Besides, the water infusion of plantaginis had different degree of inhibitory effect on trichoderma homocentric, trichoderma woolly and nuoca stellate in vitro. Semen plantaginis also features an inhibitory effect on the human stomach that is working, while featuring no effect on the quiet stomach that no food is being digested. It can also momentarily enhance the secretion of intestinal fluid, but features no significant effect on intestinal movement.

Herbal doctors add that this ingredient also features a certain diuretic effect, so it has a good therapeutic effect on occult nephritis. It also features a certain resistance to pathogenic microorganisms, which can be used as a good suppression effect of inflammation in the body, and used for a variety of jaundice hepatitis, oral sores, hemorrhoids, diarrhea and mumps.

Under the normal circumstances, most male individuals can take semen plantaginis. As a traditional Chinese medicine, semen plantaginis features its own medicinal value. Therefore, soaking semen plantaginis in water can also have certain effects on the body. If you want to take Semen plantaginis for the treatment or daily care, you must know whether your body is suitable for this ingredient. You can consult your doctor first.

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