Autopilot Warping Ought To Be Safe In Low And High Sec

By kingang at 2020-11-25 • 0 collector • 51 pageviews

I never supposed it was secure; I had just guessed mobile sucked enough that nobody could lock fast enough. Occasionally, when I would be semi-afk traveling, I'd see a little damage done to protects when passing through null-sec. This made me believe once larger ships EVE Echoes ISK came in I'd be able to become one-hit, and it would no longer be safe.

They did. It had been something we pressed for in beta, this is a step backwards.Don't find a Dev response in there saying any of the intentions though.It does pay half the assert tho, you can undoubtedly find lots of older threads covering the afk aspects.Haven't tried digging for something out of the devs aspect of things, but with all the things which seem lost in translation about this game I would not be surprised.You understand, if you actually could offer evidence for this, it'd put the entire debate to rest as to exactly what should happen next. Something tells me that you can't supply that because they never said it.

I misunderstood I believe.What we fought and obtained executed was offline itself. That works fine, so I have no problem with EVE Echoes ISK For Sale seeing my screen while I make the leap from null to lowsec. Shifting to a traveling match isn't unreasonable either.Once they mend gate firearms you'll be safe in low sec for travel.

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