If The Camping Is Possible

By kingang at 2020-11-12 • 0 collector • 52 pageviews

If they really push a strong separation between Null-sec play and high-sec play EVE Mobile ISK null-sec where you've got to be on a strong network connection (do not enter an elevator or tube while in a vehicle!) And high-sec in which you may do matters offline even (auto-pilot supports offline mode) -- then maybe it'll all be ok.Right now, though, the bugs are not helping and the galactic layout may not be particularly mobile friendly. They might need to cut some jumps and add other jumps to reorganize it to get better mobile play and challenging core play.

Yeah, I am 100% fine with"traveling through null sec is always dangerous". It feels like high sec ought to be always secure, low sec is safe for auto pilot but harmful otherwise, and null sec is harmful from all facets. I'm still having fun, I feel like there is a good deal of fear mongering for things which may happen with the shift, but I have not really seen up to now.

Agreed, gate firearms should pop any hostiles. You agress, you die. Belts and anoms continue to be fair Buy EVE Echoes Items games in low though.Agreed. Although maybe it happened enough and that is why the devs posted to discord about it.

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