Oh More Treasure Hunter

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I think the craziest thing to make this FoF better would have been to enable the problem to be changed, Eliminate Snoop, ( why is Snoop rooting for a Missouri HS group that is not even my team? Yes I chose my house state what of it lol) And how about Tommy could either be a rival or a friend based on the decisions you made. Like I thought that's exactly what Mut 21 coins they were going for, but it just didn't happen. Just like in the event that you decide to become friends you work your differences out and he transforms to WR for your college season. In the event you become rivals he goes to a school and you meet at the championship game. Easy as pie! Instead Coach Bill O Brian is finished here like"Hey I know you simply threw 10 TDS in the first half, but you're benched for Tommy in the name game. Hey look I know Tommy almost died on the field and you lead a comeback in the title game by scoring 8 straight TDS, but Tommy is the starter the second season unless you would like to convert to skill position, which is some thing TOMMY HAS ALREADY DONE IN HIS CAREER!

Much like is Tommy over here scoring 1000 a match or something when he's not dying? What the fuck. Alright you've convinced me I despise it over Longshot today that I think about it. Story makes no fucking sense and some other hack writer(read me) could likely write a better story in 10 minutes. Omg lol that is the exact story no joke. I didn't return for my senior season I got drafted in the 1st round to the bears. I'll see whether it gets better but up to now I am taking a big pass on this years madden and I have been buying it every year because 2005. I truly tried to get into it but you struck all of the very same things as thought. Why am I playing HS if I get to go wherever I want no matter drama. Why does Tommy not have any choices with Mut 21 coins for sale me no matter this dialogue. How the hell did we get into the College Playoffs when the Head Coach chairs the man that's averaging +6 TD's a match over the person who's clinging to life by a ribbon and has been playing WR in his system the last two years? I simply doesn't adapt to the way your playing and the game has already decided what the outcome is going to be until you get to the league.

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