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Insert more threat into the interior of these woods. Most of the map reflects a world which makes sense for a mid to low level participant, to whom dragon would be an unusual substance to view and Barrows armour really rare. The most dangerous places just aren't hazardous. Literally adding boss monsters to the centres of those forests would significantly increase their threat. However, that is only possible if these areas are big enough that you could go about them if you understand where you are. Make the in-RS gold game world map less exact. If you could make it so players needed to explore every area before it had been completely documented in the map which would make a large difference to the adventuring feel. New lands would genuinely be alien.

Have fewer artificial obstacles. That's a huge immersion breaker. If cliffs were tight but took time and gear, if borders were not literally wooden fences we could jump over, if oceans weren't literal walls but instead obstacles that could be swam over if you had the ideal gear, that would be fantastic.

There's monsters, but nothing to bind you to the conflicts, there is training spots, but no grounds to utilize them. You don't get lost in the dream of the landscaping since there's nothing to get lost in besides aesthetics, and you're just twiddling your thumbs waiting to get into another port of call, which, can go partially hand in hand with Buy old school rs gold your suggestion of raising the difficulty, but it is going to take more than that. Very good point. Jagex has done a couple of things to adress this, but it doesn't work for veteran players. I moved to Karamja to pursuit, like I moved into the desert and Morytania. That is the major reason to go to those areas, but the issue is that once you're done there, you're done.

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