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I Perform franchise

By smarthuiyuan at 2020-10-23 • 0 collector • 311 pageviews

That's how I have purchased the Madden 21 coins games I own. Hell the most recent NBA2K was on steam for like 92 percent off the other day. They do it the MUT players need to restart their collection every season. EA doesn't really change much with every Madden series. I Perform franchise, and I am honestly okay with old rosters. If Metacritic scores appears to bear correlation to revenue then they would care. Metacritic scores matter to publishers when it gives them the opportunity to screw more than developers. Might create some stockholders ears perk up a little, but I don't see much other than that.

I know most individuals don't like sports games, but PC users get the short end of the pole even with these shitty sports game. This time NBA2K is not even releasing the next-gen basketball game on PC, just on the next-gen consoles. PC users are getting exactly the same game with an updated roster with all the price of a new game. There aren't any good sports games on PC. The shitty part is in their core sports games can be a lot of fun. I actually really utilized to enjoy the career node in 2K before it became a microtransaction shit hole. Sports games got influenced the most due to MTX. 2k is so covetous, they left the career mode online only. I am happy I lost interest in sport titles until mtx got integrated. Got tired of buy Mut 21 coins paying to get a new title if I desired a roster upgrades. Only lost interest in yearly franchises generally. They sure are amazing money makers though, so the genre will always be what it is.

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