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Thermal Imaging Inspection in West Hills

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Thermal Imaging Inspection in West Hills
Thermal imaging is a great tool that helps to find out about water damage in walls, floors, and
ceilings. By analyzing the difference in temperature between a wet area and the surrounding
dry areas thermal imaging can help detect moisture issues that would not be visible during a
limited visual home inspection. It is also great at identifying areas where the insulation
contractor failed to insulate sufficiently.
Water leaks from the plumbing system often leak undetected until huge damage has occurred.
We can scan in, under, and around plumbing fixtures in the home to determine if there is active
leaking going on. Since this tool is not a moisture meter we will use it to find heat anomalies
and then pursue the problem further to attempt to find out the source and cause of the leak.
Thermal image scanning can find temperature anomalies in the plumbing system not visible to
the naked eye which may be a precursor to a larger problem. The resulting Thermal Image Scan
report can be a great help for the repair plumber hired to address the identified issues. Thermal
imaging can detect issues under the stucco.
Thermal imaging has been a great tool to help homeowners save money, especially now that
energy rates are on the rise. Heat loss and/or cold air influx can be detected and corrective
actions can be taken to help improve the energy efficiency of residential and commercial
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