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Trump administration alters and downplays human rights

By aluminothe at 2020-10-21 • 0 collector • 296 pageviews

Trump administration alters and downplays human rights

abuses in reports

Trump administration alters and downplays human rights abuses in reports. A report found that the state department assessments were not ...

8 hours ago


Donald Trump's new message to suburban women? I

fixed the dishwasher!

Which brings me to a Trump campaign rally on Sunday night in Nevada. And Trump's latest attempt to convince suburban woman that he is their ...

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Washington Post

A Miami cop wore a Trump mask to vote, inflaming

Democrats: ‘This is city funded voter intimidation’

The red-white-and-blue face covering was emblazoned with a Trump 2020 campaign slogan. “This is city funded voter intimidation,” Simeonidis ...

7 hours ago


Three possible explanations for Trump's bonkers

campaign strategy

Three possible explanations for Trump's bonkers campaign strategy. Opinion by Frida Ghitis. Updated 4:19 PM ET, Tue October 20, 2020. Trump called CNN ...

20 hours ago

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