Outdoor Cooler Cart on Wheels

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Cixi Xinshidai Electric is a cooler cart manufacturer. The products we sell are mainly outdoor cooler carts, including cooler carts with wheels, party cooler carts, metal cooler cart, stainless steel cooler cart and beer cooler cart.

Today we will introduce a red metal beverage cooler cart featured by Xinshidai Company.

80 Quart Cooler Cart: This Red Cooler Cart Will Add Beauty To Your Patio, And It Also Very Functional. It Will Be A Perfect Tool To Cool Your Drinks, Such As Beer, Beverage And Juicy.

Keep Cool: Featuring Refrigeration Insulation, This Stainless Cooler Cart Will Keep Your Drinks Cool For A Longer Duration, Which Can Reach 72 Hours.

Convenient Use: Features Four Wheels For This Cooler Cart, You Can Move It Easily, Especially For Outdoor Using.

Top Lids Design: This Cooler Cart Includes Two Top Lids And Both Of Them Can Open, So You Can Take The Drinks Out At Each Side.

Easy For Daily Use: A Easy-Fill Lift Off Top For Convenient Adding And Taking Out Drinks Bottles. Drains Easily With Twist Off Drain Plug. Simple Assemble Need.

I believe everyone is already very clear about the product features of this cooler cart, please feel free to contact us: metal cooler cart.

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