5 Reliable Methods to Birth Control

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In modern society, birth control is significant for the couple who dont want to raise children. Usually, there are 5 reliable approaches to birth control.


1. Condom


The condom is economical and does not have any poisonous side effect, which not only can do a great job on contraception, but also can prevent venereal disease. Check carefully before using condoms to see if they are out of date or broken. Condoms are suitable for men of almost every age. But the condom should be adopted according to the size of the reproductive organs. If the size is not suitable, it will not only affect sexual pleasure and erectile function, but also cause the condom to break or fall off.


2. Birth control pills


Birth control pills are divided into emergent, long-acting and short-acting types. Long-acting contraceptives are divided into oral medicine and contraceptive injections, which are very convenient to use. They are injected once a month or taken only one pill, but often lead to menstrual disorders, early pregnancy reactions or increased leucorrhea.


So far, a short-acting oral contraceptives is safe and effective contraceptive method, which is one of the auxiliary treatment of a variety of problems, such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, short menstruation and so on. It can also reduce the risk of suffering from ovarian and endometrial cancer. It won't affect the reproductive system in female. As a temporary form of birth control, this method is recommended.


3. Intrauterine device


Placement of an intrauterine device may last for nearly five years, which is economical, simple and safe. And after the removal of the device, women will be able to restore normal fertility. But in the first three months after the device is placed, menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, low back pain and irregular periods may occur.


Female friends without fertility needs in short period of time, women with the body fat and women in the lactation can use contraceptive ring, but it is not suitable for women with dysmenorrhea and increased menstrual volume, or it will cause contraceptive ring to fall off, and even cause inflammation. In this situaiton, Fuyan Pill can be helpful for patients to eliminate various inflammations in pelvic cavity.


4. Safe period contraception


Safe period contraception is economical and safe without side effects and only suitable for women with regular menstrual cycles. 5 days before ovulation and 4 days after ovulation are not safe, and other days are safe. However, the woman's menstrual cycle is subject to a variety of factors, such as mood, diet, diseases and living environment. So the failure rate is very high, which should be used with caution.


5. Sterilization


Couples who do not need to have children for good can be sterilized. This is a once and for all method of contraception with no side effects. But sterilization can be traumatic, making it significantly hard to restore fertility. So couples should think twice about this way.

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