Pregnancy——a natural treatment for endometriosis

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Endometriosis is actually a benign illness, but it features a malignant property, which is similar to malignant tumor. The diseased tissues can grow wherever they have passed and cannot be easily detected at the early stage.


Clinically, there is a option that pregnancy is the best natural treatment for endometriosis. Doctors point out that on condition that you have the need for fertility, you can attempt to get pregnant. That is because during the pregnancy duration, the placenta can create a large amount of progesterone. Physiologically, the pelvic cavity with high progesterone status can have an obvious ability to inhibit the growth and spread of endometriosis lesions, which means this situation can be used to help patients with endometriosis.


Whats more, women with reproductive needs who can receive conservative surgical procedures also are suggested to get pregnant to some extent. Surgery will be done, merely to remove obvious endometriosis lesions. But through pregnancy at the same time, the growth of the invisible heterotopic lesion in the pelvic cavity will be inhibited and absorbed as well. 9 months of pregnancy and 6 months of lactation are needed in this process. When things have been done, the chance of treating endometriosis thoroughly will become higher than usual.


For normal females, they should know that endometriosis can be completely cured by operation or medication. But they should also keep in mind that some standard clinical treatments for endometriosis can affect the results and quality of pregnancy or lead to serious birth defects to the baby. Therefore, its needed to make sure your doctor has known that you are trying to conceive a baby when you are being treated for endometriosis simultaneously.


For women who are afraid of surgery or don’ t like being cut by a scalpel, medication can be offered. A herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a nice option to cure endometriosis, which can eliminate the lesions of gynecological tissues, regulate menstruation and cure female infertility caused by gynecological diseases and inflammation. What’s more, it features no side effects or drug resistance. So female patients can take it safely. Besides, it is suggested that female friends should do more exercise, eat more food rich in nutrients, keep adequate sleep and always maintain a calm mind when getting treated.

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