Urban Clothing in Pasadena

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Urban Clothing in Pasadena

Urban fashion is a simple way- it’s a combination of all the clothing and dressing that make you stand out of the urban fashion. You may hear a word of street, hip-hop, and urban clothing. You may be unknown of this term, but you may have some shirts in your closet that are a part of urban and street fashion. Urban fashion is just in everyday fashion. Their basis was found in the ’80s. Do you remember your grandmother’s or mom outfit; they are grunge look fashion at that time. Such outfits were boasted the grunge look that consists of the grime features. The worn look of jeans, some used and abused stuff, oversize cardigans and sweaters- all there was part of urban street fashion. Urban fashion arouses at that time-but today’s urban fashion seems much better and up-scaled than that of the previous generation. 



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