What Physical Therapy Can Be Suggested To Treat Chronic Prostatitis

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There are many types of physical therapy that can work on chronic prostatitis, most of which are targeted at improving the prostate gland blood circulation in the prostate gland or inhibiting the growth pathogens. It has been treated as a comprehensive treatment for chronic prostatitis in recent years.


The common suggested types of physical therapy are as followed.


1. Laser Therapy


It's an advanced type of physical therapy that use He-Ne laser to cure chronic prostatitis, which can be used to cure the diseased tissues in the blood vessel.


2. Magnetic therapy


The local magnetic effect will be generated through the tissue penetration effect of the magnetic field, which can be a useful approach to killing or inhibiting the pathogens in the prostate gland, improving the local blood circulation and restoring functional state of the glands.


3. Direct current induction of drugs


The medicinal liquid will be slowly injected into the rectum, perineum, or placed in the pubic bone, which is usually made of antibiotics or Chinese herbal medicine with heat clearing and detoxification. Then through the function of direct current electrode and electric field, the drug absorption of human body will be increased.


4. Infrared or medium wave diathermy


This type of therapy is based on the thermal effects to improve local blood circulation in the prostate gland, which can effectively eliminate and prevent prostate congestion, thus improving symptoms related to prostatitis.


5. Ultrasonic wave:


It can create a definite thermal effect through mechanical vibration of local tissues, which can be used to promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, relieve muscle spasm, etc.


6. Radio-frequency


Radio-frequency therapeutic apparatus has the double function of heating and conduction, which can effectively promote blood circulation in the prostate gland.


A suitable physical therapy is always based on the severity of prostatitis, affordability and hospital conditions. If you don't have specific considerations, it is suggested to defer to the doctor's advice. And it should be noticed that physical therapy is usually viewed as an adjuvant option, and medication should be considered first. For chronic prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine can do a wonderful job. In general, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is recommended, which adheres to the traditional Chinese medicine rules and can effectively improve awful symptoms and recover the prostate gland health.

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