Digital weight scale helps you manage your weight better

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Xiangshan Zhengtai Electric Appliance Company is a reliable China digital scale suppliers and manufacturing wholesales. Our products are very diverse, with different styles, different capacities, different performances and different configurations.

Today we will introduce a digital weight scale and see what features it has?

1. Weigh up to 180 kg, with an accuracy error of 0.1 kg.

2. Sensing technology realizes reliable and accurate measurement.

3. Adjust according to the difference of gravity around the world.

4. Display the past weight history.

5. Help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

6. Support multiple users.

7. Large-size display with high contrast, easy to read.

8. Durable and easy to clean stainless steel design.

For more product details, please contact us: electronic personal scale.

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