If They Decide To Bring A Saradomin Elixir

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Fletching. Doesn't need to be increased, since there is nothing to fill out the distance. Combat. Oh boy. I could forgive, and maybe if I'm impressed, applaud Jagex for increasing Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning to 120 to add fresh articles, but melee is strong enough, and if they raise Magic or Ranging, they will have to perform melee too. What do RS gold you guys think? Can Jagex increase the cap on other abilities? Should they?

I was very exited about the launching of this hidden resource dungeons. If you haven't found all of them yet, the xp reward is not significant, but a number of these regions can be extremely profitable. I'm F2P, so that I can only review F2P dungeons. Edgville: Hill giants- not as busy as the ordinary edgville dungeon. Cranador: I found this dungeon quite dissapointing. It contains tons of allies - and looks just like the rest of the island. This one is stupid. Dwarven Mines: The brand new greates mining place for F2P. Suprise: It has a bank within it!

The one I want to discuss is the one within the mining guild. It contains 2 rune ore, avalible F2P. Is this good or bad? The purchase price of rune will plumit from its preceding 18k an ore- is this good, or poor? Miners are not going to have to travel deep into the wilderness for rune- but its missing its epicness since the king metal- nearly impossible to get ahold of. Along with the guild, a single empty, is now very crowded.

Is that a good thing? It is hard to say if the purchase price of rune ore could plummet, seeing as although there are far more rune stones avaliable for free Old school runescape buy gold gamers to mine, so I can not see that lots of free to plays having 85 mining and above simply to mine rune ore. If they're members, they've better rune places to mine at rather than the one in the mining guild.

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