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FOCUS Home Inspection Authority (FHIA) also specializes in New Home Construction 1st Year Warranty Inspections which help to avoid the infamous Construction Defect Litigation.  All major new home builders in California provide an extensive 10 Year Construction Warranty, that most owners, of newly constructed homes, are unfamiliar with in detail.  As part of the builder warranty, the buyer is responsible for inspecting their new home. Our experience in this specialized field alone, has saved hundreds of New Home owners thousands of dollars in repair and/or finish costs, by identifying and providing a list of items that may be submitted to your home builder under your New Home 1st Year "Fit & Finish" Warranty for repairs at no cost.  We are very familiar with the building standards of the major builders in Southern California and have currently performed more than 1,200 of these inspections.  If you are an original owner of a new home and have purchased that home within the past 11 months, this is a "Must Have Inspection" to protect your investment!   *Ancillary fee may apply.  Call for further details - 949-945-0111 - Home Inspection Services throughout Orange County California.


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