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What are the characteristics of gardening spray guns?

By gaozhan at 2020-09-30 • 0 collector • 319 pageviews

Yuyao Gaozhan Garden toos Co,Ltd., China garden spray gun manufacturers and China Garden Spray Gun suppliers was founded in 2009, specializing in producing garden tools and garden hoses. We are applying ourselves to providing ranking quality products for customers and we are equi pped pull test machine and pressure test machine in each producing workshop for quality watchdog to test and analyze products comprehensively to improve the excellence rate of our product.

What are the characteristics of garden sprinkler technology?

1. Flexibility and convenience: the spray gun is fully electrically controlled in rotation and pitch, and can realize two-dimensional 360-degree control. The spraying direction is arbitrary. The spray gun also has the function of automatically adjusting the amount of spraying water, which makes the spraying operation extremely flexible.

2. Humanized design: the driver of the vehicle can flexibly control the sprinkling operation directly in the cab through the operation box, the sprinkling operation can be easily operated by the driver alone in the cab, and the sprinkling spray gun can be advanced to the front of the cab to control the visual field better.

3. High reliability: stainless steel, aluminum-copper alloy and other materials are all used in the structure of the spray gun. The spray gun has high strength and does not corrode. The control part adopts the imported switch box integrated circuit board.

4. Good economic benefits: If the automatic spray gun is used to replace the sprinkler operator, the labor cost saved in less than one year can offset the purchase cost of the automatic spray gun, and the competition is good.

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