Abuse Of Antibiotics For Prostatitis Should Be Avoided

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In recent years, the abuse of antibiotics is a common and very serious mistake in the treatment of prostatitis. As we can see regular hospitals, many doctors do not know prostatitis well, but they still take advantage of large numbers of antibiotics for a long time, which can easily cause bacterial imbalance or drug resistance.


Antibiotics can be used for acute prostatitis and bacterial chronic prostatitis. But clinically, more common disease is chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, in which these patients should stay away from the use of antibiotics. Under usual circumstances, the doctor may suggest the patient to take traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of prostatitis, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory, which is a nice option with strong effect on killing bacteria.


To make clear whether the prostatitis is bacterial or non-bacterial, doctors are supposed to do the culture of prostatic fluid. While many doctors are not bound up in this process due to its complexity. To economize time, they merely count on the leukocytosis in the prostatic fluid to decide whether to adopt antibiotics.


When patients suffer from acute bacterial prostatitis or chronic bacterial prostatitis, oral antibiotics should be taken for 2 to 4 weeks. In severe cases, it may be 4 to 6 weeks. The cost of such a long time of injection and infusion seems to be a big trouble to the patient's own life and work. In addition, the effects of oral antibiotics and intravenous antibiotics are close to each other.


In some cases, the personality of patients with prostatitis may be changed and they may appear to lack masculinity. For these patients, if the doctor blindly use antibiotics without any examination basis, it will lead to a disaster to the patiens body. Its wrong and should be inhibited. In general, androgen supplementation should obey some strict indications, and after the exclusion of the contraindications of androgen supplementation, the treatment for patients need to be carried out under close observation.


Obviously, the abuse phenomena of antibiotics are very common when it comes to treat inflammation, especially for prostatitis. It has often been criticized by many researchers as well as the medical community. Anyway, doctors and patients should pay more attention to this problem.


You should avoid the abuse of antibiotics merely to save time. Otherwise, you may spend more time on treating a more severe prostatitis caused by the previous mistakes. Treatment of prostatitis must rely on patience and perseverance as well as confidence, and a scientific and discreet attitude is also what you are supposed to possess.

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