We Have Made It So That You May Replicate

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Whenever it comes to topics such as this, I believe how challenging the job of prioritising projects is. Is it really worth committing development OSRS gold time to give gamers the ability to experience something again or use that opportunity to develop something new? We believe there are a number of other things that we ought to do with quests, such as looking at some rewards that are ridiculously low or raising the quality of the cutscenes - matters that more players will get pleasure out of. We'll definitely keep the idea of replaying quests in mind, however.

In my opinion, it is too bad that it might take a lot of effort for Jagex to allow gamers to re-do a pursuit. My decision (if re-doing one quest was available)could have been the boss fight in Dragon Slayer (...A green portal hole with a dragon's head on top, located behind Oziach's shop that can only be obtained if you have already completed the quest; that manner, any X individuals trying to re-do the pursuit at precisely the exact same time would every get teleported into another, parallel, Elvarg lair - and also that way, those re-doing the quest would not interfere with people fighting Elvarg for the very first time). Dragon Slayer has the epic scenery at the end when you emerge victorious, I wish to experience that . The moderator said that players gave negative feedback to having the ability to re-do Fur'n' Hunt, however when I could send a message to Mod Fetzki, I would say I would LOVE to re-fight Elvarg (no XP benefits given for re-slaying Elvarg, only for the pleasure of it).

Would you like to re-do any boss fight? Deb/Stormys_Amazon and I were honored over this past weekend by being encouraged to Jagex for a tour and to see together, together with some of the top level Cheap RS gold players. Clearly we needed to sign a non disclosure agreement, but there are a number of things we are permitted to share so that we wanted to share it with everyone. I will jump ahead right now and just say it was completely and totally epic and I am still excited! I will not post names until I have talked to the players and made sure it's fine together, however there have been several high ranking members and free players. The other players were really nice and we really enjoyed getting to spend the weekend with them

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