Visuals and wow classic gold soundtrackaside

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Yeah, general both are both shit.Visuals and wow classic gold soundtrackaside (since they're rarely unsatisfactory ), WoD had outstanding raiding and a really good leveling encounter but nothing else.BFA had overall mediocore raiding, a pretty bad leveling experience but tons of material that wasn't really bad in a vacuum. Itall just got weighed down from the flawed AP system which they attempted to mend for an entire year, wjich is commendable, butcould have been spent properly had they just listened and not only heard the feedback, since they were too stuck up their arsesof"we enjoy it as dedigners".

That's the greatest fear with SL. The exact same people who warned them regarding Azerite Armor andLegiondary RNG, both being enormous points of contention in both expansions, have been warning them about the current covenantsystem so far they've heard those voices but they have not properly socialized and are still in their ivory tower because theylove the current system as designers.I didn't like bfa in any way, but for the most part it was bad simply because I'd legion as afresh comparison.Imho legion was the best expansion ever and then they decided to take out everything great about it withoutfixing its own issues.

Class layout was substantially betetr, PVP gearing had best system and pvp was aslo much better afterwardLegion. I found proffesions bettetr aswell. And if desired to raid you dint have to precisely the mywowgold classic wow gold same few quests and dungeons foreternity over and over and over.?ANd otuside Kharazhan I liekd WoD dungeons more then Legion ones.To me personally it was thetemplate of a good World of Warcraft story. It didn't try to tackle themes and concepts over the games ability to handle. It hadbeen good guys vs the animation bad guys.I miss Halls of Valor. No dungeon in any sport will compare to how much I loved thatarea.The number of people in thread calling legion a excellent growth with post histories full of claiming covenants will ruin SLis astounding.

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