How to replace the pump core of a vane pump

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The Vane Pumps often encounters such a situation when it is used. The other parts are good, but the pump core is seriously worn. In order to keep the vane pump in use, the pump core has to be replaced, so how should the pump core of the vane pump be replaced correctly?

First of all, when you plan to replace the pump core, you should first think about checking the positioning control in the pump housing. If the positioning hole is deformed, it is best to replace the entire pump. Without replacing the whole pump, the following points should be paid attention to when replacing the pump core:

1. Check whether the shaft seal is aging or deformed. If the bearings are severely worn, you should be more careful when replacing the pump core. It is recommended that the outer diameter is the same as the shaft seal, the outer diameter is slightly larger than the bearing inner diameter, and the inner diameter is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pump shaft to send them to a fixed position to prevent the shaft seal from deforming and damaging the bearing.


 During the working process of the oil pump, pay attention to whether the oil level, oil temperature, working pressure, etc. meet the requirements for use. The oil level after normal operation should generally be more than 50mm above the top of the filter screen, otherwise the oil pump will easily suck up and cause noise. It is best to control the Oil Pumps temperature below 60 degrees Celsius to prevent excessive oil temperature from damaging the protective oil film formed on the friction surface.


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