The use of hydraulic elevator

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hydraulic elevator system:

Hydraulic elevator systems operate using pumps that can transfer incompressible liquids, such as oil, from a fluid container to a cylinder through an open valve. The fluid accumulates in the cylinder and pushes up the piston located inside, so that the elevator rises to the corresponding floor.

If the valve is closed, the fluid will not be able to return to the liquid storage tank, and the fluid will stay in the cylinder, causing the elevator to lift. When the signal is sent to the control system, the elevator will descend, at which time the valve will open and allow fluid to flow back to the reservoir, thereby reducing the weight of the elevator car.

Generally speaking, the hydraulic system is simple to operate, and the lifting and lowering effects are very good, but the energy efficiency of the elevator using the hydraulic system is low, and the use of this system requires the drilling of a cylinder shaft as deep as the system height. If the building is fifteen meters high, the cylinder must be about fourteen meters deep below the system. Because of its shortcomings, mechanical elevator systems have emerged.

Hydraulic elevator is a supplement of the traction type elevator which to fulfill customer and scenario demands, Escalator Supplier hydraulic technology based on the edge design concept, as an innovated solution to industry, support our customer on making their most ultimate expectation for a vertical transportation method.


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