What is the control of the electric lift table

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Combining with ergonomic design, the height adjustable desk supplier product can meet the needs of alternate standing and sitting office, bringing a healthy office lifestyle to professionals. At present, electric lift tables have become the preferred solution for enterprises to improve the office environment.

At the same time, the electrification of traditional office furniture products also brings unlimited imagination to the intelligence of office space. Along the path of technological development, 5G has moved from ideal to reality, and the integration of intelligent control, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other intelligent driving technologies has gradually matured. Smart office furniture will evolve from a single product innovation to an overall office space innovation

The single-column lifting table system breaks through the convention and is innovatively upgraded. It adopts the lifting column column, which has the advantages of large lateral force and high stability, so that the desk can be smoothly raised and lowered with only one column.

At the same time, the intelligent Internet of Things, mobile applications, voice control, human behavior sensing, user health management and other technological innovation applications, and intelligent control, make the desk not only lifting, but an all-round smart office housekeeper. It will monitor your physical condition in real time through the health management system. According to the concept of "sit and stand alternately, healthy office", it reminds you that you should stand office after sitting for a long time.

At this time, you only need to give an order to "Let the desk rise", and the lifting desk will immediately rise to the memorized standing position, which makes it easier to operate with free hands. And when you stand for a long time and want to sit down and work. The human-behavior-sensing device mounted on the standing desk manufacturer will immediately sense your sitting down movement, drop to the memorized sitting position, and easily switch the office posture.


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