Exquisite container houses around the world

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It sounds magical and fashionable to use exquisite container houses frequently appearing all over the world. These containers once wandered around and are themselves a legend about traveling around the world.

In fact, container houses are nothing new abroad, and they are quietly emerging in China. A second-hand container can be transformed into a cozy cabin with windows and doors with a little modification. This sounds amazing and it is very fashionable to use.

1. Container store

Container house-style stores appear frequently all over the world, and there is a container house-style Puma store in Naples, Italy. This store has a total of 3 floors, covering an area of more than 11,000 square meters, which also includes 2 terraces and leisure areas.

2. Container Hotel

In 2009, a British budget hotel chain built the first container house-style hotel. The hotel used 86 containers shipped from China. The internal plasterboard walls, electrical circuits and toilets were in place before the containers were shipped to the UK. The construction workers only need to assemble various components like a toy, and the hotel is completed.

This container house-style hotel has 120 rooms, a bar and coffee shop. The container can be reused, and only needs to be disassembled and shipped to the next location when needed. It is reported that the construction of a traditional 100-bed hotel will cost about 5 million pounds. Reconstruction with containers can reduce costs by 10% and save time.

3. Museums around the world

According to statistics, in 2010, the number of buildings modified with containers worldwide more than doubled. Some people in the construction industry estimate that the number of container house-style buildings will continue to grow in the next year. In the eyes of many new architects, it is a new trend driven by fashion art.

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