Why can three-phase electric meters be able to measure electric energy

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The three phase electricity meter remote charge control smart electric energy meter is a new generation of smart electric energy meters developed on the basis of the State Grid Corporation's smart meter series standards in accordance with the overall requirements of the power grid "unified and strong smart grid" construction.

The three-phase electric energy meter has the function of electric energy measurement.

1. The three-phase electronic cost-control smart meter has the functions of forward active, reverse active energy, and four-quadrant reactive energy measurement, and can set the combined active and combined reactive energy accordingly.

2. In addition to recording and displaying the four-quadrant reactive energy separately, software programming can also be used to realize the calculation, recording and display of combined reactive power and combined reactive power.

3. The three-phase electronic charge control smart meter has a time-sharing measurement function, which can accumulate and store total, peak, peak, flat, and valley active energy and reactive energy according to the corresponding time period;

4. The three-phase electronic charge control smart meter has the function of measuring split-phase active electric energy.

5. It can store electricity data for 12 settlement days, and the settlement time can be set to the hour of the day.

6. The parameters of the electric energy meter can be set according to the needs; the Electromechanical KWh Meter parameters can be set to the bottom value, which can only be cleared; the resetting must use the hardware programming key


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