The machinery industry is still the most important market for air compressors

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The machinery industry is still the most important market for air compressors, accounting for 40% of the total sales, and the demand in the chemical and electric power industries is also growing rapidly. In the power field, the sales volume of piston compressors is greater than other products. However, as people's requirements for use environment, energy consumption, and environmental protection are improved, energy-saving air compressors such as screws and scrolls will have a larger market space in the future.

At the conference, energy conservation and environmental protection issues were also included in the meeting to create an "upgraded version" of the Chinese economy. Leveraging the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction, energy-saving products in the air compressor industry will become the winner in the downturn in the future. Enterprises should increase their research and development efforts in products, continuously produce more advantageous products, and enhance their core competitiveness.

With the continuous progress of society and the development of science, energy conservation has become an increasingly topic of concern. In recent years, the country has continuously increased the promotion of energy-saving products. Oil-free air compressors are used in many fields, and the introduction of energy-saving products is of great significance to my country's energy-saving cause.

Under the energy-saving development trend of "low carbon and environmental protection", the rapid development of domestic mining, metallurgy, electric power, electronics, machinery manufacturing, medicine, food, textile and light industry and petrochemical industries will also accelerate the elimination of outdated processes and high energy consumption. Equipment, promote the upgrading of compressor equipment from low value-added to high value-added, thus bringing further development opportunities for the compressor industry.

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