Do you have any great thoughts about NBA 2K mycareer.

By dingbest at 2020-09-10 • 0 collector • 155 pageviews

Don't remove, separate it. It is clear that park players don't gaf about my livelihood players, so why should one have to NBA 2K Coins suffer? Stop using one as a stepping stone and completely create a new a match that is fantastic mode. You can't have, and if you are really an OG then you know the park is becoming OD toxic full of clout chasers, and cheesers. It is the same shit every year, one move will get OP, 2K does nothing about it, 80 percent of gamers whine about it, that exact same 80% +more use it so NBA 2K21 is not possible to play if you don't do it. Same with assembles, Can't make a tall SF that isn't a lock or slasher with no being buttocks (3-level scorer) and can not even play with randoms anymore.

For me personally, I've been enjoying since 2K8 and the park shit was fun as hell, at the start, however, after 2K17 they gradually began taking away everything that left playground fun to start with, (Affiliations, the dinosaurs, mascots, etc.) And they included some of those things back, but it doesn't feel the same. Certain the neighborhood was QUITE toxic back then, but now it seems even MORE poisonous, and I am not certain how. I am afraid park style (Just like Fortnite) was destroyed, not only by the company that makes it by the people who play it.

I agree with most of everything you said. I want 2K mycareer to feel as a CAREER. Instead it seems more like a barrier that keeps you from having fun. You really only have to perform mycareer for badges and perhaps vc in case you didnt get any. Its cookie cutter and simple that following a year or two there is seriously no motive to play anymore because NBA 2K21s all feel exactly the same. The AI in your team is pathetic and they miss open shots 24/7. I need mycareer felt like myleague with the way people sim players professions.

What happened to key games which gave u 2x vc. I liked that because I can play super extreme games and earn double vc whilst at the same time simming what my participant could be like if I wasnt completely controlling him. Its a shame they havent attempted whatsoever with mycareer in years. Yeah, I played with so much 2K14 my-career and it was super fun seeking to Cheap NBA 2K MT Coins prevent Kobe. And guess what? I only needed to make one player to love it. It seems soulless and its depressed cuz I doubt they will bring it back to the way it had been without making it feel as a cashgrab.

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