Crib Bumper Deaths

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The other 16 deaths, the researchers said, were attributed to the infants being wedged between a bumper and another object, such as a pillow or recliner used to elevate the babies' heads. They argue that if the bumpers were not present, the babies would not have been in this position and would have survived.

The study authors also reviewed related data from the National Center for the Review and Prevention of Child Deaths that showed an additional 32 bumper-related fatalities from 37 states from 2008 to 2011. That brings the number of crib bumper deaths to 77, and suggests the actual number is much higher, the researcher said.

The study showed that the deaths and injuries occurred with thick-pillow bumpers, as well as thin bumpers, which manufacturers have touted as being safer than plush ones.

Bumper-related injuries were mostly caused by poor design. For example, near-suffocations occurred because there were no bottom ties, or not enough of them, which allowed the babies' faces to get trapped in the crib bumpers. Incidents involving choking and strangulation resulted from detached bumper ties and decorations, frayed ribbons, and loose stuffing.

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