Reports on Crib Bumpers

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For the report, the researchers reviewed CPSC data that showed 48 infant deaths from 1985 to 2012 were specifically attributed to crib bumpers. An additional 146 crib-bumper incidents were reported in which the babies nearly suffocated, choked, or were strangled. The average age of death was 4.6 months; the youngest was just one month old, and the oldest was 22 months.

Furthermore, the examination of documents, including death certificates, autopsy reports, death scene and other investigative records, led the researchers to determine that 32 of the 48 deaths examined could have been prevented if the crib bumpers were not present.

Most of the babies died from suffocation because their noses and mouths were covered by a bumper or got between a bumper and a crib mattress.

"When a baby's nose and mouth is covered by a cirb bumper, the infant can suffocate when his or her airway becomes blocked, or from breathing oxygen-depleted air," lead author N.J. Scheers, PhD, former manager of CPSC's Infant Suffocation Project, explained. "So if bumpers had not been in the cribs, these babies would not have died."

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