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By kingang at 2020-09-09 • 0 collector • 170 pageviews

Within that interval I joined FC the reddit clan and Discord server; of which I currently hold some kind of moderation position in, all three. This is not supposed to be a bragging point, from where I'm coming from yet to give perspective. Looking in the 6xx) lassaiz faire, but that OSRS gold is my style. More moderation isn't moderation.

Anyhow when new moderator applications were posted in 2016(?) I sent mine in, I had a relationship with several current mods previously, was active within the community, and genuinely wished to make the community better. I was not selected obviously, but stricter people were (that is another story).

My suspicion is that the mod staff favors people to clamp down at the moment and deal with public fallout later or they've internal guidelines along the lines of zero tolerance policies, disallowing judgement calls (wait are we talking about cops or subreddit mods?) . FWIW my opinion on memes is as follows: if it can stand on its own without the name it should remain, if the posrt is an generic meme requiring the title to function then it may be safely removed. I'm sure the username did not help my program.

Also the community likes it should remain and honestly if it's funny, mods should worry about things and toxic users. If we upvote the memes we want the memes, you dingos now the sub just feels lifeless with a lot of whinny people. They really suck lol, can't take criticism at ALL. Really desire achievement posts were prohibited. You could fill a complete sub along with all the men and women who post every 99 and every rare drop they buy RuneScape gold get. Something enjoy factorio's strategy might work. There's the typical principal sub, a meme sub, and a hardcore technical conversation sub. Give me memes or offer me a ban!Yea, seriously. I don't play 07 but I'm subbed to 07 for your memes and don't even understand why I visit this one because 90 percent of the posts are just hot garbage.

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