Treatment Option for Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis: Dietary Therapy

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Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is considered the most sort of prostatitis. Here are several dietary regimens for individuals with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis:

1. Cucumber and prunella vulgaris soup

Substances: 50 grams of cucumber, 15 gr of prunella vulgaris, 10 gr of polygonum aviculare, and 10 grams of fringed pink. Suitable volume of salt, sesame oil and monosodium glutamate.

Cooking strategy: Fry prunella vulgaris, polygonum aviculare and fringed pinkish with h2o, and acquire liquid from them. Boil the juice again, set cucumber pieces, add seasoning and it's done.

Take note: Cucumber can clear heat, satisfy hunger, diuresis and detox simply by entering tummy meridian. Prunella vulgaris has got the purpose of softening the piles. It will make the proliferative prostate reduce gradually and relieve the irritated symptoms. 

2. Codonopsis pilosula, astragalus membranaceus and wax gourd soup

Substances: 15 grams of codonopsis pilosula, 20 gr of astragalus, 50 grams of wax tart gourd, ideal amount of salt, sesame oils and monosodium glutamate.

Cooking strategy: Fry codonopsis pilosula and astragalus membranaceus with water within a fine sand cooking pot for a quarter-hour, eliminate deposits and filtration system, after which add wax gourd pieces though it may be popular. Still prepare before the wax tart gourd is done and edible, put spices to go along with the dish.

Take note: Codonopsis pilosula can reach to spleen and lung meridians nourishing them. Astragalus is good at promoting Yang and wax gourd can diuresis and moist, obvious warmth and remove tenderness. 

3. Cinnamon and plantain porridge

Substances: 5 grams of sugar-cinnamon, 30 grams of plantain, 30 grams of japonica rice, and appropriate volume of light brown sugars.

Cooking strategy: Initial, fry sugar-cinnamon and plantain with water, take away dregs and acquire filtered juice, then boil the japonica rice in juice, put brown sugars and it's accomplished. Take note to consider it before eating anything.

Take note: Sugar-cinnamon can comfortable the meridians, plus the reduced energizer and also the entrance of vitality.

Although nutritional therapies can start to play a specific role, it uses up much time and also the curative effect cannot be obvious sufficient. As a result, Wuhan TCM Medical center comes with a natural capsule known as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it is a organic treatment which behaves as a more efficient way to heal non-bacterial prostatitis.

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