Look at the photo meter for 2K21

By dingbest at 2020-09-07 • 0 collector • 172 pageviews

Imagine if they make it the"ideal" zone does not show up NBA 2K MT Coins unless the shooting characteristics are large enough? (Set the pub at 75 or something.) That way centers using a 50 three can not green corner 3's at a consistent speed should they get down their shot and will constantly run the danger of missing the shot. Maybe the can make it where step backs, fades and spins also don't receive a"perfect" zone unless they get the Difficult Shots badge.

If I'm not confused in 19 as soon as you reach 85 three stage attribute you have the"bigger green window". I don't have any idea why they went away from this. The playsharp and sharpshooter were useable. Now there's absolutely no reason to not have a defensive build with maximum wingspan because anything over 60 three is sufficient to always green anyplace with like 6 badges. Hell you can green consistently with 45. It would be beautiful to find this perfect / make window bigger the better your three ball is. This 2K it seems like all that things was HZH.

I have a 2 Way Slash Play with 9 shooting badges, along with a Sharp Facilitator with 30 and that I honestly believe no real difference in shooting. I should say I believe no difference in shooting Broad Open to contests. With HOF steady the Sharp Facilitator is fantastic to enjoy 50% contests to be honest. But still. Additionally with how hard badges have started to dominate NBA 2K21, becoming.

Agreed entirely, except that I wish they would return to where (for example on 2K13 back in the PS3 times ) there wasn't any shot meter and attribute caps weren't affected by elevation or wingspan. When tons of players enjoy KD, that are '9" with a 7'5" or whatever wingspan, can manage as a guard and take just like butter, exist at the league and during its history there is no reason that having a taller, lengthier player should make us good at ball handling as Artis Gilmore as great at shooting as Shaquille O'Neal.

Also I wish just like how the older signature skills used to get the job done, they'd go back to a 5 badge maximum. And hell, I used to control people. The way 2K is currently is about conducting a cheese construct against who isn't currently running it automatically can't compete or lineup and anyone you play. Elderly 2K used to be an actual skill gap. 99% of the players now, especially some of these streamer guys, wouldn't stand a chance if it went back to the way it used to Buy NBA 2K MT be since some build at any size would have the ability to compete with them.

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