Don't worry about choosing Best Boots for Hiking

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Finally, the rubber shell is designed for rugged durability

and traction so you're sure-footed even  Best Boots for Hiking in the most slippery situations. This classy boot is available in three different color combinations and you just might want all three! Choose between a classic, sleek black on black with gray fur cuff, a woodsy Tobacco in three shades of brown and a super sexy Tusk/Bone in shades of gray.The Joan of Arctic boot by Sorel is a stylish boot that combines a full grain leather and suede upper with a faux fur snow cuff. The shell is handcrafted and waterproof, that keeps your toes warm, dry and safe.


made of vulcanized rubber with a herringbone out sole

The traction is built right in, for durability so you won't have to worry about slipping on the ice or snow. The entire boot is seam-sealed so it's waterproof and it even has a removable Thermo Plus Inner Boot liner, made of real recycled felt, for a second layer of natural breathable waterproof and warmth, right where you need it the most. Sorel has a reputation for combining beautiful craftsmanship with practical functionality and it's all represented perfectly here in the Sorel Joan of Arctic boot.


Bogs Classic High Corsage

Check out the ultra-feminine Bogs Classic High Corsage boot. These are the perfect waterproof boot that won't make you look like a fly-fisherman. These are 100% waterproof so you can stand in a puddle up to your ankle and still keep your pedicure dry. True to Bogs quality standards, these boots combine a sturdy floral-printed rubber with neoprene for waterproof durability to 40 degrees below zero. The sturdy handles make it easy to put them on without flinging water everywhere and the anti-microbial liner prevents foot odor.


perfection in their collection of boots

This year, Sorel and Bogs have both harnessed and these styles are shining examples of what they have to offer. Don't worry about choosing between form and function this year because each of these boots are designed to offer both, combining the latest textile technology with classic materials to get the best of both worlds. Finally, you can face the fall and winter seasons without sacrificing comfort or style.

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