Tips to Keep the Baby’s crib bumper Warm and Comfortable

By angela at 2020-09-04 • 0 collector • 140 pageviews


Try to warm up the crib bumper by making use of heating pad which is an essential aspect of keeping crib bumper warm. Preheating is a wonderful option when you house is too cold! A sleeping space should always be comfortable for your baby and there is no need for heavy blankets. Place the heating pad for some timeon the crib bumper pads to make the mattress warm.

Another way to keep crib bumper pads warm is to place it in right position. The position can determine how much warm your baby can get. So, it is vital to choose an appropriate position and make sure to keep crib bumper away from heaters, windows and air vents. Make use of curtain cords to ensure safety of baby.

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