Wash Crib Bumper With a Natural Detergent

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A special detergent is recommended by the doctors to wash your kid’s  clothes and bed. Try to avoid using a detergent that has added dyes,  chemicals, sulfates, or fragrances. Those substances are highly harmful  to your little one’s health. Generally, babies have low or no immune  system. That’s why they need the cleanest crib bumper,  softest clothes, and cutest toys for their betterment. As parents, you  have to ensure all of them to offer your baby a safer environment.

You can use a natural detergent to keep your baby’s crib bumper  clean and soft. Detergents having chemical fragrances may cause skin  problem to your baby as they are very skin-irritant. Before washing your  baby’s  crib bumper, keep an eye on the bumper if there is any hole, or  its ties are alright. If you see some stains (in most cases, you must  see) as your little one is one of the quickest machines to make stains  on their crib bumper. Use stain removal before let it go for the washing machine.

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