Choose the perfect crib bumper pad for your baby

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If you choose to use a bumper pad,  we recommend that you find a crib that will allow for restraints to be  tied all the way around; these cribs are difficult to find in countries  such as Germany, the US, Sweden and Denmark, but they do exist.

Bumper pads come  in all sorts of sizes and proportions; the most important aspect to  keep in mind is that they should always be tucked between the mattress  and the crib frame, to avoid from allowing a baby’s head to get caught  between the bumper pad and the frame. As such, all restraints need to be  solidly tied to the crib bars.

The  maximum length of a bumper pad restraint is 19 cm (7.5 inches), to  prevent any risk of suffocation should it come undone. Be wary of  promotional photos featuring long, pretty bows — these restraints are  likely in violation of security standards.

If you choose a 30-cm (12 in.) high bumper pad,  keep in mind that you will not be able to easily adapt it for the lower  mattress position (when your baby will be six to eight months old)… and  you should never tamper with the restraints to make them longer. If you  wish to use your bumper pad for a while, we recommend choosing the  40-cm (15 3/4 in.) high version. Of course, for those with larger  budgets or expecting gifts, you can always start with a 30-cm high pad  and purchase the 40-cm high version later.

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