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Looking for Best Diabetes Hospital in Bangalore? Call Now. Best Treatment for Diabetes guaranteed. With Years of Experience.

Visit Dr.Mohans.com Diabetologist in Bangalore and get the best treatment around the world. We know Diabetes is a very crucial disease, one of the best treatment is provided by our Best Diabetes doctor in Bangalore.

Who We Are?

Dr. Mohans Diabetes Doctor or Diabetes Hospital in India situated at Gopalapuram, Bangalore, was established in 1997. Over the years it has grown to be one of the largest referral centers for Diabetes, with more than 1200+ personnel. This diabetes center is recognized as an internationally known tertiary care center for referral of Diabetic patients requiring super-specialist is opinion and management.

Why Choose Dr.mohans diabetes clinic in India/Diabetes Center in Bangalore?

        Get Comprehensive management of diabetes mellitus.

        Loaded Facilities for glucose assessment and control.

        Get Assessment for complications.

        We do Treatment of childhood diabetes, gestational diabetes and Type 1 & Type 2.

        Diabetes Doctor do Diabetes diet and nutrition planning.

        Get Stress management counseling.

Treatment Offered with Best Diabetes doctor in Bangalore:

Diabetes Prevention, Diabetes Diet, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Precision Diabetes, Insulin Management, Hypoglycemia, Eye Care, Foot Care, Cardiac Care, Kidney Care, Diabetes Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Care, Surgeries, Dental Care, Pregnancy, Fitness, Home Care, Obesity Centre, Insurance & Corporate Services, International Patients.

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More Details:

Call to discuss: Phone: 07825888631, 044 43968888

Book an Appointment: https://drmohans.com/book-an-appointment/new/

Website: https://drmohans.com/


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