Tips of Crib Bumpers

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What is a mom supposed to do if her baby is a headbanging  contortionist every night? Well, the One-Thought-Fits-All parenting  experts all shout that

So do you suffer in silence and watch your sleep slowly drip away?  Or you do use the crib bumpers, struggling with guilt and terror every night?


I think you can have your sleep and safety too.

1: They May Contribute to SIDS

This is a legitimate concern.  The theory here (and it is a theory,  since no one knows the specific cause of SIDS) is that it restricts the  fresh air flow, and that perhaps your baby could re-breathe her carbon  dioxide and asphyxiate.

2: The Strings are a Strangulation Hazard

So tie them. TIGHTLY. 

3: They Can Be an Entrapment Hazard

This is also true.   The concern here is that a baby’s head will get  stuck between the bumper and the crib mattress and the baby will  suffocate.

See this crib bumper style? This is the perfect photo of a Biloban Bumper Pads.  This is not a bumper pad. This is a bumper pillow. 

Tie a double-triple knot or use the zipper-designed crib bumpers.

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