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Working in the landscape lighting industry

By excled at 2020-08-21 • 0 collector • 583 pageviews

Working in the landscape lighting industry, we’ve seen how different outdoor lighting design trends have come and gone over the years. A lumen is a measurement of light created by one bulb, lamp or fixture. When doing a photometric, we add LED Linear lights to the report at specific locations. While some design fundamentals hold strong and true for years, even decades. The lights provide their lumens to determine how many footcandles are present.

Be it a mislead effort or a design mistake commonly made by people new to LED outdoor landscape lighting design, path lights seem to always find their way into flower beds around the perimeter of the yard. Not all LED lights are the same. They all produce lumens. Some are more efficient than others. This means you consume less watts to produce lumens. The problem with this design approach is that it doesn’t make for effective lighting.

Efficacy, or light efficiency, is important to factor into a light purchase. A more efficient light may cost more at time of purchase, but over the life of the product, your utility bill will be lower. Lighting should be done purposefully, not randomly. Path lights lining a pathway will create functional task light that shows people how to get from point A to point B. And the amount you save with a lower utility bill will far exceed any additional purchase cost.


A bollard is the post ships and boats tie up to on docks. It’s almost impossible to pick a light and hope for proper light levels and distribution. For that, we can assist and do a free photometric report. These light fixtures provide not only functional light to pathways, they also add a splash of magic in the way they look. Lighting systems are not equal. What may be ideal for one location may be unsuitable for another.

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