The Ball And Has No Means Of Knowing

By kingang at 2020-08-21 • 0 collector • 283 pageviews

This year has me nervous for what is in store for us come MUT Madden nfl 21 coins?

If you did not get to encounter mut 17 and I feel sorry for you, I mean Mut 18 had been okay I believed things might have been better but man Madden 20 felt like such an underdeveloped manner. I do not even mean gameplay wise when I discuss this I suggest content shrewd how are you really a video game company but your principal source of why your company is up and functioning (Us the folks ) you shit on. Promos were half done and was dragged out longer than 19s promos lmao, we hardly got house rules and when we did it was some of the shittiest rewards, we missed promos, and you finished the manner more than a month early. I'm afraid to purchase Madden 21 because I'm tired of this endless cycle of being completely fucking bored with this game.

I truly don't know why folks are so gun-ho to preorder Madden NFL 21 on here. We aren't listened to by them, they do whatever they desire, and they don't have a single ounce of transparency. This. I have no assurance they won't just cut out in March next year when coronavirus is still occurring and they're also using the next gen consoles as a justification. I have enjoyed my 3 years with the game although Ihave not touched it for a couple of months and've found myself playing. That being said I certainly won't be playing Madden 21 and may reunite for 22. Ihave zero need to play with next season and had enough. I know in my own mind when I am done.

Totally agree. Looking back on it, it's been a time like this. The absolute reduction began in cheap Madden 21 coins. They shifted to the Frostbite motor, which stated that the lack of content and customer care in the half of 17. 18, I had been patient with them for trying to find the engine to run easily, and, there was a lot of stuff, like you say. However, the content just wasn't there. And as soon as the year before, it dried up because they worked on the next match. That sounds great, but they did the same from 15 to 16 and from 16 to 17, without needing to dry up any content there was. In 19, it was just laughable, and I've never quit a MUT as early as this season. There was the hope that it might return into the form of 17, decades. I don't have that hope anymore.

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