All became the new ordinary

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Heavy queue times began plaguing our server following the influx of Horde and Alliance guilds transferring from several other dead servers. We've seen Horde and Alliance guilds from Thalnos, Skeram, Stalagg, and wow gold classic even Heartseeker (Alliance that did not wish to be stuck on a quasi PvE server). Our queue times still were not quite as bad as other servers such as Faerlina or Whitemane. War was declared.
All became the new ordinary. No server had a more busy World Boss or World PvP scene.. It was Warcraft on a whole different level. After dominating World Bosses and Blackrock Mountain for about two weeks the Horde were searching unstoppable. The Alliance however rallied together in an effort to stop themand completely crushed them in the week resulting in free transfers. Morale for the Horde was at a low.

This all happened within 24 hours of transfers and it didn't stop. From the time they ceased Horde transfers (Source) it was far too late, and in essence forced anyone who did not make it in time need to pay money to move. Many people did not make the deadline to transfer with their guild.

But it is certainly dead for the Horde. To Incendius exactly the same thing that happened to Skeram and Stalagg had happened in a tragic twist around. In selecting a server that was balanced, I had failed my guild now.

And there are things that we might have done that servers have done to avoid these sorts of situations. Such as setting up arrangements between Horde and Alliance for Darkmoon Faire week and running into Blackrock Mountain. We could have colluded more to ensure that our server would remain healthy and endure the test of time. But with imperfect information regarding Horde morale as well as the truth of this situation of what might happen and finally did happen: Just how were we supposed to understand?

This is sadly a matter of sport design and human psychology I can't even fathom answering. That having been said, below are the issues we confront with transports: Skewed Alliance/Horde ratios leading to cheap wow classic gold boom-bust servers. (Stalagg, Skeram, and now Incendius).Real money trading utilizing server moves. Transferring low level characters for $25 from a dead host where resources are simple to farm to a greater pop server which is more competitive. People today use these transfers to mule around major ticket items like edgemasters and cloudkeeper legplates in an effort to increase a gold seller's inventory of gold on servers that are more challenging to farm gold that the old fashioned way.

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