What are the Best Fabrics for Baby Crib Skirt?

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It goes without saying that babies’ skin is sensitive and requires extra attention when picking out items to wear or to sleep in. A general rule of thumb is to go with textiles made from natural fibers, such as linen and organic cotton, over anything synthetic.


Pure fabrics have incredible natural properties that can barely be fabricated. Both linen and cotton are known for absorbency and breathability, which means your baby will stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. Besides, linen is hypoallergenic and doesn’t let bacteria, dust mites or other germs build up making it perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.So how to choose cirb skirt?


On the contrary, synthetic fabrics can agitate allergies and irritate the skin causing rashes. While they might offer a bigger variety or seem softer at first touch, always consider the process it took to make them look and feel that way.


Our crib skirt are made from certified linen fabric, meaning it is absent of harmful chemicals but still very soft and cozy to the touch. If you decide to go with cotton, keep your eye out for the GOTS certificate.

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